Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Very First Award!

I woke up this morning, knowing that I had been neglecting the blogging world. I hadn't posted in almost 2 weeks (bad blogger!) and I hadn't really been keeping up with all my favourite reads. I'd completely forgotten how busy this part of the year is. Work is getting busier, which means much longer days, less days off, and there are more events/parties to attend. Add that to the horror that is Christmas shopping and I'm out of time!

So it is a great boost of confidence (read - kick up the arse!) to receive my very first award!! Andrea over at Cooking Books has sent me the Kreativ Blogger Award, which comes with the Seven Things Meme. Thanks Andrea!
It's a long meme guys, so strap yourselves in!

Seven things I say most often

1) Will you be home for dinner?
2) What do you want for dinner?
3) I need a coffee.
4) F*** I hate Sydney! (Melbourne-girl at heart!)
5) This place is such a mess.
6) I need a bigger kitchen!
7) I'm hungry.

Seven things I did before
1) Managed a fast-food restaurant
2) Backpacked in Europe for 2 years
3) Studied paramedics at university
4) Partied until morning and drove home after sunrise
5) Danced (ballroom and jazz) for almost 10 years
6) Got a brown belt in karate
7) Lived off frozen chicken nuggets for a long time (my love of cooking came as a shock to many!)

Seven things I do now
1) Eat too much
2) Neglect cleaning/washing... well, all household duties
3) Constantly spill water on the carpet, couch etc
4) Attempt to go to the gym as much as possible (note: attempt!)
5) Make BF come to the supermarket even though he hates it so he can push the trolley
6) Walk everywhere and hardly ever drive or use public transport
7) Cook!

Seven things I want to do
1) Travel again
2) Work in a hatted restaurant
3) Meet BF's newest nephew who is currently in Seattle (bring on the February visit!)
4) Design my own kitchen
5) Learn to cope with the Sydney humidity
6) Take a holiday to somewhere other than Melbourne!
7) See my brother get married (one day soon!)

Seven things that attract me about the opposite sex
1) Ability to make me laugh
2) Body hair (Men should not wax!)
3) Broad shoulders, as they make for good hugs!
4) Family-oriented
5) Kind-hearted
6) Fun-loving
7) Understands the rule "Since I cooked, you have to wash!"

Seven favourite foods (only seven?!)
1) Chocolate (not the horrible white stuff)
2) Meat pies
3) Cheese (all cheese, but goat and sheep's much more than cow)
4) Hot chips (fries but fatter and better)
5) Home made pasta
6) Chicken parmigiana
7) Anything made by my Aunty J (awesome authentic Lebanese cooking)

Seven people I am tagging
1) Jamie at My Baking Addiction
2) Jaime at Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats
3) Ja at Beansprout's Cafe
4) FFIchiban at Here Comes The Food
5) Simon at Simon Food Favourites
6) Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella
7) Renee at ...and all things nice

As with all memes, it is not compulsory to participate but it is fun!


  1. Congratulations on your award, well deserved :) And thankyou for my award too, I'm so flattered!

  2. Here's my shortened meme:

    One thing I say most often
    - Cool

    One thing I did before
    - Thought McDonalds was the best food in the world

    One thing I do now
    - Trying to learn how to cook different things

    One thing I want to do
    - Send my xmas cards before xmas

    One thing that attracts me about the opposite sex
    - Good sense of humour

    Seven favourite food
    1) oysters
    2) lobster
    3) crab
    4) mangoes
    5) homemade roast chicken
    6) mixed berry tart
    7) hot chocolate

  3. Thanks HoneyB and Lorraine!

    Simon - I love that even though you shortened the meme, you couldn't shorten your list of favourite foods! I found it hard to only list 7!

  4. Thanks for the award Annie - and well done on yours too! I shall have a think!

  5. awww, thanks so much for the award!

  6. i also wanted to let you know that due to the color you've chosen, i cannot see the link to leave a comment on your blog...i had to move my cursor around the page until i found it!

  7. Nay - no probs :)

    Jaime - you're welcome! That's strange about the comments link - it should show up in white writing on the dark blue bar at the bottom of each post...?

  8. Great lists! I make my boyfriend come to the grocery store to push the cart and to help carry home. He hates it as well!