Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Celebrations Continue...

So after all the excitement of the Sydney Chicken Christmas Dinner, how does one continue celebrating? Easy! Head down to our hometown of Melbourne, for not one, not two, but THREE more Christmas dinners! Phew!
Me with no idea of how to cut a lobster!
First up was Christmas Day lunch. It was a delicious cold spread, consisting of lobster, prawns with avocado cream, ham, pork, tomatoes topped with pesto and bocconcini, cucumber topped with crab, fresh crusty bread, Christmas cake, pudding, fresh berries, custard and cream. Wow - I am full again just thinking about it! We spent lunch time relaxing with BF's family (those that were still in the country!) and drinking a lot of wine!
Table setting at Mum and Dad's
Then came Christmas Day dinner! We set off to my parents' house, where the three courses are always eaten at a relaxed pace, as they know we are all already stuffed from lunch!
Starter, light and refreshing
Entree was a simple, yet delicious salad of mixed leaves, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, proscuitto and goats' fetta. The leaves and tomatoes were fresh from the garden that afternoon!
Dad preparing the bbq
Main was roast lamb, marinated with garlic and rosemary, and cooked on the barbeque.
Mmm... rare meat!
Dad was in charge of mains, so his side was potato, green beans, cherry tomatoes, olives and anchovies, roasted in the oven - yum!
Main by Dad
We followed this with dessert of more pudding and custard! And Christmas night always ends still sitting at the dinner table 5 hours after we started eating, drinking wine and laughing the night away.
Pudding with custard - my favourite!
The third Christmas meal was with the extended family - and was a HUGE buffet of roast pork, ham, Lebanese sausages, marinated chicken, whole snapper with tahini, four different salads, roast potatoes, mango salsa, apple sauce... the list goes on and on. The best part of this day was meeting my new cousin Belle, born just a few weeks before Christmas!
Our trip home was packed with fun, food, family and friends. Along with the above, there were BBQ's, yum cha, cricket... it goes on! I'm glad to see that all of you had a great time this Christmas, and hope that the new year brings you all health and happiness!


  1. Wow, it's a good thing Christmas only comes once a year ;)
    Hope 2009 brings you lots of joy, Annie.

    Am salivating over that lobster!

  2. What delicious food you ate. Happy New Year! Belle is just beautiful.

  3. omg that roast lamb looks soooooooooooooooooo good! so does everything else too haha

    and that first photo looks so dangerous :S be careful ahha!

  4. Ooh can I be part of your family? You have the best Christmas dinners! :P

  5. How sweet Belle is...happy 2009 Annie. Cm'on over; have saved some Florentines for you!

  6. Belle is beautiful! You would have had to roll me home after all that wonderful food! I love the table setting too!

  7. Dee - although if it came more than once a year, there would be more reasons to feast!

    Pam - thanks, she is so quiet too!

    FFichiban - lol! I look like I am trying to murder the lobster! ;)

    Lorraine - we were very lucky this year! Christmas will continue later this month when BF's parents return from OS!

    Deeba - thanks! I'm looking forward to them!

    Bunny - i think they did roll me home! And greased the doors to get me through!

  8. What a sweet baby! I love the picture of you tackling the lobster with that knife! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  9. Ooh remind me to stay away from you the next time you're clutching a Global knife! lol. Your Christmas feasting looked great. I love the fact that the salad leaves and tomatoes were fresh picked from the garden that very afternoon!

  10. Shari - it was great, just a little short!

    Helen - How scary is that shot?! Mum and Dad are always really good about picking veg and eating it the same day, and the garden is usually overflowing now that there are none of us home to help eat it!

  11. Everything looks so good!! What a delicious celebration. I don't know how to cut a lobster either. :)

  12. Not fair! You got 3 Christmas dinner?! I have to say, I envy you because of the seafood spread the most, but I'd happy dig into any of them!

  13. Carmen - I was worried to mess it up too since we were guests!

    Andrea - he he, I actually got 4! Probably an extra 4kgs as well!