Sunday, January 18, 2009

She's My Cherry Pie

"Tastes so good makes a grown man cry..."

Summer means a few things to me... hot hot weather, bugs, sunburn, jealousy that everyone else got holidays and fresh stone fruit. Cherries are something my family associates with Christmas particularly.
December was the last Grower's Market for the year. Greeting me when I walked in was this delicious pile of cherries. How could I resist? And with a simply enormous box for only $10, I snapped some up before they sold out.

When I got them home, BF asked if I could make cherry pie. I have never made one before, so set about searching for a recipe. Sadly, almost every recipe I found called for canned cherries, so I decided to make it up myself!

I have never made a lattice top pie, so you will notice that the two individual pies look rather different as I was experimenting! The pies were lovely, however, there was not much of a saucey consistency to the filling. Next time, I would prefer a more liquidy filling... do you have a recipe that you love? If anyone has a recipe they have used for a cherry pie with FRESH cherries (please no can fillings!), can you please post a link in the comments? I would love to see it!
Thin lattice (I like this one better)
I used this pastry base, and lined two individual pie tins with pastry. Pop the rest back in the fridge whilst you bake the bases.

Whilst the dough is in the fridge, remove the pits from 1 cup of cherries, and mix in a bowl with 2 tsp castor sugar, a good shake of cinnamon, and a splash of lemon juice. Leave to marinate whilst you bake the tart shells.
Thick lattice
Just before filling the cases, mix a small pinch cornflour through the cherries. Fill the cases with cherry mix, then use strips of pastry to form a lattice, pushing the edges onto the base.

Cook in oven at 180C for about 20 minutes and enjoy!


  1. Ahhh brilliant Annie! I meant to make myself a cherry pie this Summer but never saw cherries that reasonably priced. And yes I agree, it has to be the lattice pattern on top. Just like how I think Agent Cooper would have had it on Twin Peaks :)

  2. i've never had homemade cherry pie - i hate that artificial cherry pie filling - but this looks so much better :)

  3. Did you google for "cherry pie with fresh cherries"? I found heaps using those search terms :)

  4. HoneyB - thanks!

    Lorraine - pity you missed out on the cherry bargain!

    Jaime - it tastes better too!

    Hannah - I did search on google but mustn't have typed in the right thing! Thanks for the link!

  5. What a beautiful pie!! I want a bite!

  6. a gorgeous pie! i haven't tried a cherry pie before...i should get going! :)